Come and become a photographic guest 

Reflect your thoughts and images

Being a part of the “image making” team presents the participants the opportunity to get exposed to the local story but also to tell their own story and to see how the two reflect on each other.

Photographers are visitors who look at the world and choose what to put in the frame and what to leave out. Their choice is their testimony, their story about the world and about themselves. It's an opportunity to tie together the loose ends of the story.

Some of us will also work with the other disciplines (sounding, physical theatre and installation art). 

-To enable doing, sharing, creating and connecting with other people.


ACCOMMODATION: Local host families

LOCATION: Tytsjerk, small town in the north of The Netherlands (Fryslân)

Participation fee (international artists only): 50 EUR

Further terms and conditions can be read here.