International ArtCamp Tytsjerk 2018 will be held in Tytsjerk, Fryslân, The Netherlands, from 23 July until 6 August 2018.

International ArtCamp Tytsjerk invites artists from all over the world to participate in four art disciplines: Physical Theatre, Installation Art, Image Making and Souding.

Installation Art and Image Making groups are already full. Applying for Sounding and Physical Theatre is still possible. 

Camp Date: 23 July - 6 August 2018

Location: Tytsjerk, Fryslân, The Netherlands.


The International ArtCamp Tytsjerk will house 25 artists from all over the world from 23 July to 6 August. The artists of the four disciplines will stay with hospitable residents. There's room for several local artists to participate in the work groups as well. 

The people of Tytsjerk were also hospitable during World War II, when 170 refugees from Tiel came to this Frisian village. Those refugees stayed with the villagers who gave them a home until the end of the war. This story is the starting point for our joint artistic trip.

Inspired by this story you will be working together with the local artists and with the residents of the village, hearing each others stories, getting inspired by the people, the land and the unique views, working in public and private locations in the village, sharing ideas and techniques, enjoying an evening program and finally creating a joint artistic manifestation in the village.

The International ArtCamp Tytsjerk sees itself as a part of a network of cross-border art making that searches for solidarity and sharing.

The International ArtCamp Tytsjerk is one of 32 Under de Toer (under the tower) projects and De Reis that are included in the program of the European Cultural Capital of Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018 (click here for more information about Leeuwarden-Fryslân European Capital of Culture 2018).



International ArtCamp Tytsjerk 2018 stands on 5 pillars:

  1. Europe– Creating art in a small village in the Frisian nature as part of the activities of the European Cultural Capital - Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018.
  2. The church – This is the place where past and present meet. For us it is the place in which our story begins.
  3. The story – Storytelling (Fertellendewies) from the local ethos, as well as from the personal and cultural history of the guest artists.
  4. Artists – Building a potential cross-cultural relationship. Exchange of thoughts, ideas, concepts, & beliefs.
  5. Community – Creating Art that is based on contact with the local community in which it’s being created.

The International ArtCamp Tytsjerk is open for artists who want to create in one of the four disciplines: physical theatre, music, installation art and video/photo. Check out the requirements and visions of the several disciplines here: 

Physical Theatre
Installation Art
Image Making

PARTICIPATION FEE (for international artitst only)
EUR 50,-

WHAT WILL BE PROVIDED BY International ArtCamp Tytsjerk?

Food & Accommodation
Pre and Post Camp Support
Transport from arriving in The Netherlands to the village of Tytsjerk. 
In case of the workgroup Installation Art; materials for working with will be provided in deliberation

Transportation Costs coming to Schiphol Airport (or another airport in The Netherlands)

Cost of Art Materials, or bringing instruments and own equipment (in case of Sounding and Image Making work group)

The applicants are requested to submit the following materials to International ArtCamp Tytsjerk.

1. A portfolio and/or artist’s site including a brief biography/CV.
We would like to know your work as a professional, as well as if you are familiar with voluntary work or social involvement. 
2. A motivation Letter.
Whe would like to know why you are willing to come to Tytsjerk and this International ArtCamp. Also we would like to know what your affinity is with story telling. 

Please submit your application here.