In the Installation Art group we will work with the theme of refugees who got shelter in the church of Tytsjerk during the second world war and where taken up by the local community. The idea is to work with local materials found in the surrounding landscape like reed, willow, grass-sod, clay….

We can make for example shelters, hiding places or meeting places ( war and liberation)

The idea is also to work together with the local community and artists with their knowledge of the surrounding area and people.

Combining with the other workgroups is also possible : a interaction with dance, sounding, video...

With the input of stories from your country/background it will be a challenge to work and make art together 

- affinity with working with local materials, community and story
- affinity with working at public places.


ACCOMMODATION: Local host families

LOCATION: Tytsjerk, small town in the north of The Netherlands (Fryslân)

Participation fee (international artists only): 50 EUR

Further terms and conditions can be read here.