International ArtCamp Tytsjerk


Physical Theatre                                                                                

Dance connects

Dance moves

Dance tells


In the workgroup Dance of International ArtCamp Tytsjerk we will search for connection with each other, our host family and with the environment of Tytsjerk. 

Installation Art

In the Installation Art group we will work with the theme of refugees who got shelter in the church of Tytsjerk during the second world war and where taken up by the local community. The idea is to work with local materials found in the surrounding landscape like reed, willow, grass-sod, clay….



Image Making

Come and become a photographic guest 

Reflect your thoughts and images

Being a part of the “image making” team presents the participants with the opportunity to get exposed to the local story but also to tell their own and see how the two reflect on each other. 


The main vision of the music workgroup is to get inspired by the local story of Tytsjerk and their environment.
With this in mind we combine the different kind of impressions of the story and the
environment in our music compositions. Sounds of different instruments and languages are being used to strengthen this.