The main vision of the music workgroup is to get inspired by the local story of Tytsjerk and their environment. With this in mind we combine the different kind of impressions of the story and the environment in our music compositions. Sounds of different instruments and languages are being used to strengthen this. 

The idea is to combine and work together with the other disciplines as well. There are three possibilities:

1. Sound and movement; participants will make several pieces together with the physical theatre workgroup, it’s about strengthen the movements with sounds and music.

2. Sound and installation; in cooperation with the installation workgroup, participants will produce several compositions connected with installation art.

3. Sound and visuals; participants would make sounds and music for the video material that will be recorded during the ArtCamp.

- It is necessary to be able to play at least one instrument.

- Experience or feeling comfortable with improvisation.


ACCOMMODATION: Local host families

LOCATION: Tytsjerk, small town in the north of The Netherlands (Fryslân)

Participation fee (international artists only): 50 EUR

Further terms and conditions can be read here.