Dance connects
Dance moves
Dance tells

In the workgroup Dance of International ArtCamp Tytsjerk we will search for connection with each other, our host family and with the environment of Tytsjerk. 

The following questions are central to the Dance workgroup: 

What does it do to you that you are not 'at home'?
What does the new environment do to you?
What do you notice at your hosting family?
What does their hospitality mean to you?


With these building blocks and what comes further from our collaboration (also with the sounding, installation art and image group) we make a joint presentation.


- Experience with dance at least a semiprofessional level
- Has an open attitude towards the community of the village, working with the community
- Has an open attitude towards the idea that 'Everyone can dance'


ACCOMMODATION: Local host families

LOCATION: Tytsjerk, small town in the north of The Netherlands (Fryslân)

Participation fee (international artists only): 50 EUR

Further terms and conditions can be read here.